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Welcome to Jaunsiši!

The village "Jaunsiši" is located in Riga district, close to Stopini municipality, only 25 min. driving distance from Riga.

The safety and public order in area is supervised by municipal police. There is fresh air, forests and meadows all around the village. No highway noise, no truck traffic is gonna disturb you.


Stopini municipality is easily accessible for everyone. There you will find:

  • Ulbroka secondary school (school bus will take kids back home after lessons)
  • Ulbroka Swimming Pool
  • Ulbroka sports center
  • Russian elementary school
  • Ligo park
  • The village Ulbroka
  • Public transportation (buss No: 51)
  • Groceries
  • Ambulance
  • Ulbroka music and arts school
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Kindergarten "Pienenīte"
  • Private kindergarten "Carlson"
  • Kids playgrounds
  • Sports fields (volleyball, football, basketball, outdoor fitness equipment)
  • Ulbroka Dzirnezers
  • Stopini Municipality
  • Post office

Sazinies ar ciemata pārvaldnieku

Tatjana Luciņa


+371 299 34 663

Sazinies ar ciemata vadību

Jeļena Prudāne


+371 277 53 038