How the house is built


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Each house has its own water supply and sewerage bioseptic, paved front yards, as well as an area enclosed by a fence.  


Exterior walls:

Insulated (200mm) inside and outside of the finished wood trim. SAKRET finishing tones selected by the customer.

Internal partitions:

Insulated (100mm), the two planes of wood finish. SAKRET finishing tones selected by the customer.

Floor panel:

Insulated (200mm), living room flooring - laminate flooring Bathroom - linoleum.

Roof panels

Insulated (200mm), roofing - melting roll material, rainwater systems.

The building internal engineering:

Electricity (wires, switches, contacts), water supply (pipes, joints, insulation), drainage (pipes, laws).

Windows and doors:

Wooden windows with insulating glass

Exterior doors:

Wood, insulated


Doors of insulating glass.

Terrace: 20 m2


The remote-controlled electric infrared heater inertia.


Contact village manager

Tatjana Luciņa

+371 299 34 663

Contact village management

Jeļena Prudāne

+371 277 53 038